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rare species

Posted by Stuart Billington on Tuesday, August 5, 2003

I first saw Mark and Roger at close quarters in my early bobble hat days at about 2am in the middle of Wales having a 'splash n dash' at the roadside in their RS200
I didn't get to meet them until my days at prodrive,first Roger when DC brought him in to teach Toshi the English sense of humour and maybe english pace notes was in his brief too ..

When they did Cork ,Toshi kept overshooting square 90's ,so Roger warned him at afternoon service ,if he did it again ,everytime he overshot ,he'd owe 'Loger' a pint of Guinness .Needless to say ,on the next 90 left ,Toshi took it perfect and as he snatched 3rd gear ,it came through the intercom ,"no guinness"!
Stories like that made Roger a treat to bump into in service areas ,or Hotel and airport lobbies .You could tell his laugh a mile away even though you couldn't see him .
I met Alison and children in Cyprus 2000 and thought what a great team the Freemans were ,a true character was Roger that will be sorely missed
A great loss and thoughts to the families




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