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Posted by Gareth Jones on Saturday, February 5, 2005

I feel that I knew Mark all of my life, I grew up to him rallying the wonderful Andrews sponsored Sierra and remember him kicking backside on The Manx but having to let his team mate though on the final corner of the final stage.
He did this with the flamboyance that I would expect from him by doing a donut and then reversing back and clipping the BBC camera!!!
I started my rallying career in 1989 and many times thought about 'what ever happened to Mr Lovell and how I wished he was still rallying' then find him rallying again in the USA, but then hear the most gut renching news that, he and Roger had been killed.

We always rallied to enjoy ourselves and I was lucky to find a woman who also loved rallying and we soon married!

I have an original signed photograph above my desk of Mark in the Sierra and do find myself thinking that the good, really do die young.

Mark, thank you (from my wife and I) for being an amazing driver, person and caring husband and father. We can only start to imagine what your family are going through.

Roger, well done to you too, for having the balls and talent for sitting next to one of the most amazing drivers of all time and to do this you must of been an amazing navigator and person to keep up with him!

Thank you and God Bless.

Gareth & Emma



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