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Still missed very much

Posted by Christian Edstrom on Monday, April 18, 2005

Mark and Roger are missed as much as ever, and their absence has left a great void in our series and in our lives. Our thought are, as ever, with their families, and our reminiscences are as fond as ever.

They were both a class act, and Roger always showed that co-driver presence of mind - at Pikes 2003, I remember walking up to Mark and Rogers' car at the top of the peak after the first practice run (at some awful hour of the morning with whipping winds and below freezing temperatures) to collect their time and Roger looked at me with a look of fright, clutched his shoulders in the international sign of "Brrr - it's bloody cold out" and pantomimed that I'd best go collect all the other times up and down the row first, and then he'd crack the door open and we could swap.

Smart man, that!

Mark and Roger, you're sorely missed, and our thoughts and prayers are with your families.

- Christian



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