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Maine Forest Rally

Posted by Andy Smith on Friday, August 5, 2005

I went to the Maine Forest Rally a week ago and still think of this pair everytime I'm at a rally.
I remember standing at what's known as "the height of land" with Mark Lovell on the way back from the final stage in 2002. I stopped to admire the view and Mark and Steve pulled in behind me with the blue subaru. I distinctly remember Mark telling me it was one of the best views he'd seen and that it felt like "looking down from heaven".
I hope the families of Lovell and Freeman are doing well over two years after this horrible accident. My thoughts and prayers still go out to you and your families. I know Mark and Roger will live on forever in our hearts. Miss you guys.



Re: Maine Forest Rally (Posted by Chris DeVries on Monday, August 15, 2005). What a wonderful memory! I've been to the Maine Forest Rally six times and never tire of the wonderf

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