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Posted by David Ellis on Friday, July 18, 2003

We were 58th to start OT rally last weekend. When we arrived near the turn off to start SS1, the word was that there had been an accident. The limited information did not trickle down to us until the 10:30 PM. drivers meeting, and even then, who would want to believe the worst had happened. I knew the safety net was in place with Emergency Medical Teams and Radio Operators covering the whole rally. I have not been in the sport long enough to experience competitors having serious crashes. I hope I never have to again. We got through the rally, but day 2, I was drained with the thought of competitors passing away that weekend. I never met these 2 gentlemen, but feel that this is a terrible accident and loss for rally. I believe that they loved and excelled at their sport. To the Familes and Friends of Lovell & Freeman, please accept our warmest regards from our team.



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