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Personal Ramblings

Posted by John Dillon on Monday, July 21, 2003

This has been posted on the SpecialStage.com editorial page, but I thought I would share it here as well. We're going to miss Mark's entertaining speeches at the awards ceremonies. I never had a chance to meet Roger, which saddens me.


Personal Ramblings
Author: Copyright (c) 2003 John P M Dillon

Like everyone else, we're stunned by the loss last weekend of Mark Lovell and
Roger Freeman. Our grief manifests itself in different ways, but each and every one of us grieves not only for two consumate competitors who died doing what they loved, but for the families and friends they left behind.

This has been a difficult year, with each new tragedy giving us pause, but thanks to the support of our compadres and fans, our close friends and casual acquaintances, our fellow participants and officials, we'll all get through it.

For some the fires of our rally passion may be dampened, but for many of us, they'll reignite soon enough, tempered by the harsh realities of any motor sport and the memories of our fallen comrades. Even as we remember those who will no longer climb the start ramp before blasting into the forest, we'll rally on. It's what made them formidable competitors, this ability to contend with unimaginable challenges, and what drives us to compete as well.

We'll rally on, because that's what rallyists do, donning helmets full of memories, tightening harnesses over heavy hearts, gripping wheels and route books with solemn determination, then staring forward as we watch the countdown clock, looking ahead to the next stage. We'll face the immediate future, our focus renewed on the task at hand, preparing for the challenge thrown down by each new road, while workers address their own critical tasks with renewed commitment and fierce concentration. It's what gave Mark and Roger character, this "rally on" attitude, and each of us wants a bit of that character in our own lives.


Personal Ramblings



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