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Thoughts of Roger

Posted by Andy Mossop on Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Thoughts of Roger

I moved to Moore, near Warrington about 8 years ago bringing with me a keen interest in both rugby and rallying. I pitched up at the club for training and as you do, discussed with my new clubmates my other interests, specifically rallying. You might know Roger, somebody said, Roger freeman, he will be probably be down on Saturday they said.
I knew of Roger and as a kid had followed both Him and Mark during their British Championship days.
Saturday came and I found that my debut was to be playing second row to Roger, who was hooking. To those who don’t know rugby, this means I spent most of the game with Rogers’s backside in my face. (After this experience, I couldn’t help but smile when Rogers’s anal antics were mentioned at St. Matthews on Monday).
Over the next couple of years, I would bump into Roger now and again at the club where we would have a natter about rugby and I would enquire his latest rallying antics. It is fair to say that Rogers exuberance about rallying, and latterly Subarus played a part in me purchasing what has become my dream car, the Impreza.
One weekend I bumped into Roger and said I was off to Cheltenham to watch the RAC rally with a mate. He promptly told me where he was staying while on the rally and to drop in if I got the chance.
I didn’t take this very seriously as I thought he would be far too busy on the event.
Anyway, we set off and the night before the rally duly had a wander up to the aforementioned hotel. We walked in and the place was full of rallying Heroes. Ari Vatanen, Jimmy Mcrae, Colin Mcrae and Roger were all deep in conversation. I didn’t think for one minute Roger would have been able to spare any time. How wrong I was!
“Andy!” came the call from Roger as he spotted me about to leave the bar. Roger then spent the next ten minutes introducing me to all as one of his rugby-playing mates from Warrington. That was Roger, he had no airs and graces, he made me feel Ten foot tall, and was so proud to be associated with him.
Another year we met in Cheltenham and he had just got Alison a new mobile Phone. The moment Alison left the phone unattended, Roger promptly changed all the settings on the Phone to the Finnish Language!!
Roger then came up to me and said tell Alison you can fix the phone for her, but it will cost a couple of Passes for the Rally. A deal which was promptly struck!!
This is just one of the many amusing stories that come to mind when I think of Roger.
I came to St Matthews on Monday with Deano and Jonesy from the Rugby Club, and my Wife, and the bravery and courage of Alison, Rebecca and John amazed us all. Roger will be proud.
Although I only ever saw Roger three or four times a year, he always made time for me, and carried on as though he had only saw me yesterday.
When Roger was around, a laugh was never far away, and I am so glad I had the Privilege to call him my friend. I am going to miss him
Take care Alison and Family, and Cheers to you Roger



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