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1989 Manx Rally

Posted by Nigel Hunter on Friday, July 25, 2003

I vividly remember being on the Manx International Rally in 1989 when Mark was ordered by the Ford management to slow down and let his Ford team-mate, Russell Brookes, win the rally.

Naturally, Mark was not pleased (understatement) at being told to let 'stumpy' through, but had to comply. However, to make a point, he stopped on the last special stage, while leading the rally, right in front of the TV cameras!

I don't think he ever drove for Ford again (no sense of humour from the blue oval!) but his 'show' was appreciated by the fans and 'stumpy' Brookes was unable to be proud of his hollow 'victory'.

As an ex-codriver myself, I always respected Roger for his professionalism, abilities and generally being a nice guy.

Both are sadly missed.



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