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Men you never forget xx

Posted by Louise Ktoris (Marks ex-wife) on Sunday, August 10, 2003

I was very lucky to have known both of these men in my life, and it has to be said that you don't come across their "type" too often. I met Roger through Mark and boy what a character he was! He also has the most amazing family who I am very proud and priveledged to have as my friends. They are a family that have experienced life both good and bad, they make you feel alive when you are around them - just so normal!!! Roger was and still is hugely proud of them and rightly so, they have been truly amazing through all this, something they never should have had to go through so soon. And Ali, what can I say, I love her to bits and just want to take all this away!

Mark and I had 7 great years together and after a couple of heartbreaking years of losing 2 babies we finally had Matthew, who adores his dad and of course followed his passion for rallying (as boys do!). Although 'life' had other plans for Mark and I and he left, I always and still do have a special 'place' in my heart for him. As all of these wonderful stories and testimonies say, he was just one of those guys who had the ability to make you feel totally special. Of course I was never involved in his recent rallying career with Subaru, but my memories of him are with Ford, VW and Toyota, such an amazing driver! I never forget all the hair-raising times I got to go in the car with him, but my most memorable had to be in a jungle in Indonesia, my feet were permanently on some invisible brakes in the passenger footwell and I am sure that even the trees jumped out of his way!! Of course I have a million memories all of which I will cherish, and of course with Matthew who is so like him reminds me everyday of what a great man he truly was.

My heart goes out to Julia and their boys, such a difficult time for her. And of course Marks Mum and Dad who I love very much and hate to see them having to cope with this, they are amazing people .

Forever in our hearts they will both remain, until safe in gods arms we can be together again xx



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