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Re: Even if you didn't know them...

Posted by Adam Chase on Tuesday, May 31, 2005

You know its almost two years since then.. and I have to say I stare at the poster for OTPR 03 at work all day long...I was working stage three that year..it was unreal.. I was working the spectator area along with a bloke and his son from Canada he had a Ham so we kept hearing all kinds of stuff on the radio, and then he turned it off. he walked by saying it was car # 4, "Mark and Roger have gone off, and it doesn't look good".
We didn't leave the stage until almost midnight, and it was only then that we found out as the stage captain drove by and told us that Mark and Roger at gone.. I remember driving back to Hillsboro to stay with friends, I was so upset I drove around for 2 hours trying to find them, I was lost, hurting and scared. I ended up parking in a starbucks parking lot and sleeping there... I didn't go back to work the 2nd day.. I was still in shock and asleep.. Still after all this time, I go back and read all these posts and every time it brings tears to my eyes. I go a photo of Ram and another of Mark from a distance and they both gave me the Thumbs up, Smiled, and I shouted a Good Luck…then waved and smiled back..
They truly are sorely missed.
They are truly still revered and respected for the talent, commitment, passion and love they displayed.
Gods speed, and blessing on them and everyone they touched..



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