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Even if you didn't know them...

Posted by Adam Chase on Thursday, August 7, 2003

I know this is not easy, I know I am not the only one to have lost someone in a tragic way,
but something my older brother; a fireman said to me about all this seemed to really sum up my fealings, and how I am dealing with such a sudden loss. Maybe in my own Hero-worship like ways, its makes sense, and I hope it helps others to know, no loss is every truly a loss, unless you make it into one. . "Its not who was lost, its that someone was lost.", "It is never easy, even if you didn't know them", "Its just the fact that if you didn't you lost your chance, and if you did; then you lost your opportunity to know them better", "Take solace in the knowledge that you didn't lose your chance, just the opportunities, and don't loose your chance", "who knows you, might make a difference to someone or yourself".
(M.C., 2003)
I know they both made a difference to me.
"May your god shine down upon you always"
(AN 2001)
Adam and Mary Han-Chase
Mame Racing



Re: Even if you didn't know them... (Posted by Adam Chase on Tuesday, May 31, 2005). You know its almost two years since then.. and I have to say I stare at the poster for OTPR 03 at wo

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